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Money Management is a key skill of the serious bettor and a topic that we cover regularly

Money Back if you Lose

Here’s an offer that you should take advantage of if you don’t already have a Skybet account.

This weekend if you open a Skybet account they will refund you if your bets lose.

The maximum returned is £50 returned as a free bet token, but still well worth having – Register Here

In other news, you can get 7 days of Value Backing membership for a fiver, which includes selections for tonights Breeders Cup races.

There’s a cracking video on the page which is well worth a watch – Click Here

Finally the price goes up on the Racing Consultants tips service at midnight, if you’ve been thinking about joining the jump on board today – Click Here

Today’s Selection

2.20 Ayr – Oscar Lateen – win bet 4/1 Betfred


What are the Odds

It’s Saturday and thats the day we get to win a quarter of a million pounds for no stake.

Or at least it’s the day we get to try.

What are the odds if you stake zero and the return if you win is £250,000?

If I type that into my calculator it says Error!

Whatever, this is an offer you should take advantage of every week, even if you know nothing about football, because a correct guess wins just as much as a correct pick informed by hours of research.

Make your predictions here…

If you want to invest some real money into proven Premier League tips then today is the last chance to trial Mark Foley’s Football Forecasts service for £9.99.

Mark’s followers had a great season last time and are already in profit for the 2015/2016 campaign.

Get on board here

Finally for today a reminder of Nick’s trend horses for this afternoon’s Portland Handicap.

Portland Handicap (Doncaster, Saturday)

Trends horses:
Highland Acclaim @14/1
Suzi’s Connoisseur @14/1
Kimberella @16/1




Million Challenge Update

I’ve had a bad week with my challenge to build my £100 bank by 2.56% per day.

My method has been to lay greyhounds in either the win market or in the forecast market. And I’ve been using the Bagsbeater software to find me dogs that will be behind at the first bend.

As mentioned last week I’ve not been laying bitches or puppies.

At this early stage of the challenge the daily targets are in the £2 to £3 range and a quick half hour at minimum stakes has seen me easily exceed the target every day.

Every day except one that is, on Tuesday I layed three winners, including one at 11.5, ouch.

At one point I was £53.55 down using £2 and £4 stakes, but I rallied and finished the day down £39.63.

Yesterday I only had 20 minutes to spare and had some catching up to do and managed £11.59 profit.

The current situation is that I am £28.93 behind my target and just £3.13 in profit since I started 11 days ago.

If I’m just £28.93 behind my target at the end of the year I’ll be happy 🙂

Today’s Selection

15:45 Hamilton Polarisation – win bet 6/4 Totesport



8th Wonder of the World

Albert Einstein once said…

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

I was looking through some old documents at the weekend and came across a plan to make a million pounds from £100 using compounding.

Basically the plan said that if you start with £100 and increase that by 1% per day, then in two years you will have £900,000 and shortly after you will have a million.

So I thought lets have a go 🙂

My first step was to check the math and make sure the figures worked out.

What I found was that if you increase by 2.6% per day then the million comes within a year.

So I’m trying to increase £100 to £1,000,000 in a year.

I’m on day 4.Continue Reading

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