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Money Management is a key skill of the serious bettor and a topic that we cover regularly

8th Wonder of the World

Albert Einstein once said…

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

I was looking through some old documents at the weekend and came across a plan to make a million pounds from £100 using compounding.

Basically the plan said that if you start with £100 and increase that by 1% per day, then in two years you will have £900,000 and shortly after you will have a million.

So I thought lets have a go :)

My first step was to check the math and make sure the figures worked out.

What I found was that if you increase by 2.6% per day then the million comes within a year.

So I’m trying to increase £100 to £1,000,000 in a year.

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£36,000 Yankee

I’ve just read an interview with Gary Poole of Bookies Enemy No1 where he tells readers about the system that kick started his pro betting career and how a £36,000 win was the trigger to go full time betting.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

It felt like I’d found the Promised Land and that I would never have to work again and I was right! After about a month of watching the pc screen and clicking through each race every day on Oddschecker from about 8.00am till 12.00am backing horses that were turning blue before the prices decreased I had built up enough money to confirm that I had found a “new job” and that Aircraft Fitting was no longer for me. I had made about 4 times more from horse racing than I would from contracting and I carried on doing that for about the next 10 years!

The best example I can give you which is by far my biggest ever win in one bet was one I will never forget.

I used the method highlighted above and permed 4 horses (can’t remember their names) all of which were getting backed and turning blue on Oddschecker and they were 20/1 16/1 14/1 and 8/1 and to my amazement they all won! It paid a whopping £36,000 from William Hill and would have been even more had there not been three big rule 4’s!

The full interview can be read in this months On Course Profits magazine which is free on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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Recovery staking a TABOO subject?

Today we have our regular Wednesday wisdom from Malcolm Pett, we also have selections for both the Headgear and Tongue Tie systems. Here’s Malcolm…

Recovery staking for me has always been a taboo subject.

I have tried it in the past and lost a lot of money doing so.

When you mention recovery staking most people think about putting all your losses on the next bet and that’s the one to be AVOIDED at all costs.

Obviously a conversation about any form of staking needs a disclaimer…

Don’t do it unless you are fully aware of the cost!!!

Also there isn’t a staking system ever thought up that will allow you to make money from a system that doesn’t consistently make profit.

But I use one I actually call “Help recovery”.

It doesn’t usually recover all your losses but it seems to help.

I call it “1234..etc” staking and it works simply by…

“Increasing your stake by your ORGINAL stake every time you lose”

There are a few of things to clarify here…

It’s not doubling your stake (although bet 2 makes it look that way).

It won’t work with systems that don’t have a high strike rate.

The further you go into the sequence the less likely you are to recover your losses.

You need a stop loss setting.

Here is how it works.

1 is your original stake.

If you lose you go to 2 which is your original stake multiplied by 2.

If you lose again you go to 3 which is your original stake multiplied by 3.

And so on.

If you lose on 7 then you would have lost 28 points of your bank.

And you will need a 4/1 winner just to break even.

Which will be unlikely when used with a high strike system that this idea works best with.

So why use a staking system that won’t recover your losses?

With high strike systems you tend to get a mixture of very low prices and odds on prices.

You don’t tend to have long losing runs and so when this system does kick in it can often be for only 1 or 2 selections and the odd higher priced winner just seems to help boost up the profits.

I find with some systems this can be an extra 10 or more points a month.

A couple of tests we have been doing over at the Grey Horse Bot website have results sheets showing how this works.

Click here for an example.

Again please be warned that staking isn’t for everyone and you need to be aware of the risks.

I tend to use 7 as my maximum with this system and realise that if I hit that…

…then it is a month’s (or more) profit down the drain.

Also when using staking select a stake lower than you normal would.

1% or less of your bank.


System Selections

With both of these systems I’m still paper trading, but I wanted to post the selections so you can follow along with the live test.

Tongue Tie System

14:55 Chepstow – Nervous Nineties – 150/1 Coral

First Time Headgear

14:35:00 Down Royal – Reality Dose – 16/1 Bet Victor

Today’s Selection

14:20:00 Chepstow Champagne Express – win bet – 3/1 Bet 365


Big Profit from Multiples

Do you bet in multiples?

Doubles, trebles or acca’s (accumulators)?

I have always been of the opinion that these types of bets are just for the bookies benefit and have always avoided them, even though there is a promise of huge profits if they come off.

I do remember a few years back reading an article about how if you are making value bets, if you combine them into doubles or trebles that you magnify the advantage that you have because the value multiplies. But that didnt change my methods.

The results from yesterday’s Racing Consultants tips have caused me to think again.

Yesterday they gave three selections to be combined into a half point each way Trixie.

A Trixie is 3 doubles (eachway doubles in this case) and a treble, so four bets.

The guys managed to land 2 of the bets, the advised prices were 6/1 and 9/1 (there was a 10p rule 4 on the 6/1)

A £5 eachway Trixie where only two of the horses won paid £376, which is a £336 profit!

That’s a big return from getting just two bets home.

But the thing that really surprised me is that if they had got all three home the return would have been £5,620 for a £40 outlay.

(The non runner was 11/1)

I need to re-think my betting and staking strategy.

Do you bet in multiples? Tell me in the comments, if you’ve had any big wins tell me that also.

Find out more about the Racing Consultants here

Today’s Selection

4.00 Newcastle – Lady Bingo – win bet – 4/1 Bet 365

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