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Our trial on Classic Racing Gold has come to an end and we have to recommend the service which has continued to pile up the profits over the past month.

Mid way through the final month of our trial the service was already some 23 points up if you were able to achieve the advised odds.

Sadly, and as is often inevitable, we then proceeded to hit a losing run to the point that we were almost 8 points down, but do not fear, as the service rallied to leave us with an overall profit of just over 3 points.

During our 3 month review we have hadContinue Reading


DNF System

Josh is away this week having fun in the snow so today I’m going to share the system that found Monday’s 14/1 winner.

As I mentioned earlier in the week the basic rule of the system was to look for horses that didn’t finish their last race, but won the race before that.

I created the system on the 15th March last year.

The system showed great profits looking back at past runs, but what I like to do is to create a system and then run it live for a while to see if it is going to be profitable in the real world.Continue Reading


Atletico Madrid to put up a good fight at Barcelona

Today we have Jamie P’s regular Thursday sports betting column.

If you’ve been enjoying Jamie’s bets and profit you might like to know that he is currently proofing all his bets at the Betting School Insiders Club (

Members there get all of Jamie’s sports bet included in their membership.

Here’s Jamie…

The column suffered a very small dent last week with the loss of 1.5 points when Newcastle lost and Georginio Wijnaldum failed to score at Watford, countered by the recovery of 0.91 points when Everton and Swansea both got on the scoresheet in a 2-1 win for the Swans.

But we’re still in good shape and we give English football a miss on FA Cup weekend and turn our attentions to Spain and the big game of the weekend when Barcelona host Atletico Madrid.

Atletico’s 0-0 draw at home to Sevilla allowed Barcelona to catch up with Diego Simeone’s side at the top of the table and the Blaugrana now lead on goal difference.

Taking on Barcelona in any shape or form is always fraught with danger but on this occasion we have extremely solid stats to suggest we can do so if we choose our betting market carefully. Continue Reading


237 Point System

I’ve had a few questions about the system that found Monday’s 14/1 winner and I will write about that another day.

But basically the system looks at horses who didn’t finish last time out but who won the time before that, so keep an eye out for horses like that.

Here’s Malcolm Pett…

Missed a 6/1 winner yesterday…

There could be more coming shortly…

Well there should be if this week’s free system lives up to the results so far.

Already this month it is showing almost 20 points profit.

Anyway on with the explanation…

A few years ago I got into creating ratings.

Being a bit if a nerd who likes calculations, spreadsheets and programming it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at them.Continue Reading

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